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The Case Is Altered is a wonderful rare ale house lost in the red-brick Warwickshire, north east of the M40 junction with the M42. The white wash building is hidden down a lane just off the Five Ways roundabout, close to the famous Hatton flight of canal locks. This 400 year old ale house has completely side stepped the march of time.

History: About


This 400 year old pub originally was called the Case, probably as it was the size of a small suitcase and was strictly an ale house, no relation to the legal profession. During the mid 18th Century the landlord applied for a spirit licence and was refused because the premises was too small, so they extended into the cottage next door and successfully gained a spirit licence. So the ‘Case Is Altered’ became the name to advertise to the harder drinking yokels that they could now sell fire water and cater for all drinkers.

The Case Is Altered is some what of a rarity, it is a family owned independent free house, run by the third generation landlady. This means its free to sell ales from which ever brewery the landlady wishes. Jackie Willacy has lived here for over 40 years and running it for over 30 years with her husband Charlie. Jackie & Charlie are also partner’s in the Old Pie Factory brewery in nearby Warwick where their son Josh is head brewer.

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Jackie & Charlie are passionate to keep and run a traditional ale house. Hosting regular events which includes an annual beer festival at the end of May with at least 20 ales all from independent breweries and various ciders too. Pumpkin Sunday, regular beer tasting and traditional pub games crates the atmosphere from yester year.

Jackie, Charlie and their friends old & new to raise money for local and national charities through out the year.

See events page for details.

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